about him

Anthony was born to middle-class parents that loved one another in the bustling metropolis of Bremen, IN.  If you’ve ever watched a television program where small-town Indiana is chosen for the setting… yeah, it’s exactly like that.  He was an honor roll student too bored to get all A’s and an extrovert with too much of a conscience to get far with the ladies.

That conscience would lead our protagonist into a career working with teenagers for the next fifteen years, where they might develop one as well.  Through all these turns, a backpack rested painstakingly on his shoulders, holding a partially written journal or seven.  The never-finished novel made for an excellent blogging screenplay, and here we are today.

These days, Anthony enjoys every last moment with his wife of five years; both are accompanied by a sassy cardigan corgi and a muppet-like terrier mix.

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